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Being given the opportunity to jet off around the world often sounds like a dream job, but for many business travellers the reality is more about long flights, exhaustion and time away from family.

Those that are often required to travel abroad for work will complain about its drawbacks and those that are stuck at home might long for the chance to fly somewhere exotic.

The truth is that business travel can be both exciting and excruciating. If you've had enough of the latter and want to make your long journeys worthwhile, take a look at these top tips.


Schedule lunch appointments

If you are meeting an important client, impress them by taking them to one of the hottest restaurants in town. One of the things people love to do on holiday is experience the cuisine. Plan your appointments for the right time and you can do that while getting that important contract finalised.

Extend your trip over the weekend

Many business trips occur throughout the working week. If you decide to fly out a couple of days earlier or fly home a couple of days later, you'll be able to take advantage of an entire weekend of personal time. See the sights on Saturday and Sunday but spend the week working.

Get cover

As if being made to travel the world wasn't inconvenient enough; the hassle of making sure you have the appropriate cover or waiting around for delayed flights can make it even more gruelling. However, book with your American Express Velocity Business Card and you'll get free overseas insurance inconvenience cover.

Surprise your family

Do you have young children or a partner that's fed up of having to share you with your job? The next time you have a business trip to somewhere exotic why not surprise them by taking them with you?

Just remember to plan ahead so you can schedule in some family time that won't interfere with your work commitments.

Stay in luxury

One of the great things about going away on business is that the business is paying for it. So, whether your boss is taking care of the bill or it's considered tax deductible, take advantage and splash out on a fancy hotel.

Egyptian cotton sheets on the bed, gourmet food delivered to your door and a hot tub on the balcony will be sure to take the edge off your business trip.


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