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Whether you are planning a business event or your own wedding, you want your big day to be a success. You want your guests to enjoy themselves so that they leave with good memories of their time spent with you or of their interaction with your brand.

Planning an event isn't simple. There are many moving parts to the planning process, and if you don't keep them all organised and make the right choices, your event could be a dud. Here are six things you can do to make sure that your next event impresses your guests and creates a positive experience with your brand:

Get the Right Timeline

Think about the last event you attended: Did you have to sit through long speeches before you could be served dinner, even though you were starving because it was long past the normal time to eat? Were you waiting for the big event, only to have to sit through dozens of other speeches and smaller acts? Chances are it made your experience worse for it. When you're planning your event, try to think about how you would experience everything as a guest, then adjust your timeline as necessary to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves.

Pay for Professional Printing

From your invitation to your programs, the items you print will tell your guests a lot about the level of care that went into planning your event. Items that are printed on flimsy paper or that have poor color quality will tell your guests that the event was thrown together in haste or that the proper budget wasn't dedicated to make the event a success. Professional printing will impress your guests and make them think better of the whole event.

Provide Plenty of Food Options

The bottom line for many guests at an event is the quality of the food. Make sure you hire a top-notch caterer and that you provide plenty of tasty options for your guests. Be mindful of specialty diets and provide options that everyone can enjoy.

Hire the Right Staff

You won't be able to serve everyone yourself, so you'll have to hire staff that will provide the level of service you would. Ask for references and check the reputation for the caterer and any other service personnel you hire. Bad service will sour your guests' experiences, but good service will leave them impressed.

Mind the Details

Successful events come down to the details. Create a system to stay organised so that you don't overlook anything. You don't want the flowers to show up while you're trying to serve dinner, and you don't want the linens to clash with the dinner plates. Staying organised can help you think through and plan for all these things.

Use the Right Mobile Apps

Event apps like DoubleDutch can help you stay organised and take control of your event planning. DoubleDutch also allows you to connect with your guests through networking, surveys and polling. You'll get targeted feedback from your guests so you can make tweaks to your next event to make it a success.

Event planning is a lot of work, but it's easy to make your next event a success with the right planning. Use these simple tips to impress your guests with your next event.