Guest post by Aerlie Wildy, Healthy Life Coaching

Striving for balance often involves choices that stem from a bigger life plan. Flexibility, a choice to spend quality time with family and find more time to enjoy the things you love are major drivers in these choices.

We could all make big plans and changes to improve our balance. Everyone can. It's something we all aim for naturally – we just don't call it anything fancy. It's just what we want for ourselves and our families. It's often why so many of us are working mums or mumpreneurs.

Our Coping Mechanism

It's no secret that we make these changes to improve our quality of life – such as working from home, or starting a business, or working part time but they also add stress to our lives. The danger comes when we fill our lives up with family, work and managing at home, that we neglect ourselves.

We are actually quite good at this juggle most of the time, but when life cranks it up a notch, the pace gets harder and harder to maintain. This is when we need to really dig deep, but if we have been neglecting ourselves and already running on empty, it can all collapse very quickly.

It's the little things we need to do for ourselves that can help maintain the balance. We generally run a tight ship, so there's not much room to add hours of meditation, but just doing a few things for yourself that give you a lift, or make you happy, or more relaxed can help maintain the fast pace that we have no choice to keep up with.

Making time for yourself is like water for marathon runners.
It helps keep you going for longer.

5 Tips for Every Day Balance

Just adding a few little things to help you keep going can make the world of difference. Here are a few ideas and suggestions about what can help improve your balance.

#1 Exercise.

I know – there's not always time for it, but even if it's every few days, a 10 minute walk in peace can restore your energy, help you breath deeply and get some Vitamin D.

#2 Treat yourself to something you use daily.

It might be a gorgeous lipstick, a daily face washing ritual, or some beautiful PJ's. The little feeling of joy it can give is so valuable.

#3 Connect with someone.

If you have a day at home, give a friend a call and have a chat, or meet at a park for a coffee while the kids play. The connection, laughing and sharing is the key.

#4 Plan today for tomorrow.

It's a great way to stay on top of things and in control. If your day turns into chaos, you instantly know what you have left to do, or how long it will all take and can make better, stress-free decisions.

#5 Lift your face to the sun & have a few breaths, (or if it's cold & wet – have a peaceful cup of tea/ coffee).

No distractions, no FB, or reading. Just quiet time. Even 1 minute of quiet, peaceful sitting will leave you feeling refocused and peaceful.

Note: Do what you can when you can. The aim is not to put yourself under more pressure by thinking you 'should' be doing all of these. Do whatever works for you to keep the pace up without the burnout.

Aerlie Wildy, Certified Life Coach, Healthy Life Coaching

Healthy Life Coaching helps busy mums create a healthy balance in their work and family life. Products include one-on-one family-focused coaching, a free 'Ride of Your Life' Balance Bike Coaching Appraisal, and Time Savvy Mums E-course launching soon.