Social MediaAre you struggling with what to write on Twitter? Don't want to post what you had for breakfast... or lunch... or tea? Here are a few tips for businesses to utilise 140 characters!

View twitter like an SMS – it needs to be short and to the point. If you want to add more information, include a link or a picture, and give an interesting heading. Twitter is not the place to overwhelm and give lots of information. It is good to ask questions, give value and connect with others.


Some ideas for what to tweet:
• Share a resource (give it an interesting but quick description then include a link)
• Share tips – make it clear and concise
• Offer information updates
• Share an image
• Let people know what your business is up to – in 20 words or less
• Re-tweet interesting and valuable tweets from others
• Give value – provide something that will be of value to your fans
• Promotions, sales and competitions – let people know where to get more info.


Twitter is a very brief discussion between you and your followers – they will scroll through the feed and stop only when something intriguing appears to them. Make that your tweet! Be clear, interesting and valuable – all in 140 characters or less!

Social Media


 Amelia Eagle is the Social Media Director at PAX Social Media. PAX Social Media help Australian small business owners take charge of their online presence.


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