looking after mumGuest post from Angela Saville, Savvy Fitness

As a mum juggling family, business and social commitments it can leave very little time for anything else and that includes exercise. Exercise is one of the great ingredients in life that keeps the body and mind healthy so it is especially important to find the time!

Family Exercise Time

Family comes first and that has relevancy to leading an active life together. Take the lead and set the example – encourage your family to get outdoors and enjoy a bike ride on the weekend. Not only will your family feel the work-out rewards but these times build memories to be cherished. A game of backyard cricket is cheap and cheerful plus it gets the entire family moving.

Make Exercise a Priority

Just as we prepare our work 'to do list' and maintain our grocery list, we need to plan for an active life weekly. Determine your week's schedule and from there find windows of opportunity for exercise – perhaps you have a late start or an early finish, that could be time for a gym work-out. Lunch-breaks are always a good time for some exercise - a simple stroll, done regularly, can clear the mind with some fresh air and give your body a small but substantial amount of physical movement. Make it a must! 

Power Up the Morale with Fitness

Whether you work with a small or large team, you can power up the staff morale with some weekly or monthly group fitness activities plus you get your much-needed dose of exercise in. Take it in turns to choose the activity – there are so many great regular classes to choose from including Spin (get the heart rate up) to Yoga. Alternatively seek out a great local personal trainer that can come to your workplace on a regular basis and run varied work-outs based on needs for the group. Where work time just won't allow for weekly sessions, opt for monthly activities such as indoor rock-climbing or participate in a fun run together – get the team together and get outdoors for some exercising fun!

Fitness Catch Ups

Catching up with the girls for a chardonnay or coffee can easily be switched to some time being active together. Before Sunday brunch, get the girls together for a scenic walk, run or outdoor fitness session - Australia has some of the world's most beautiful beach paths and bush-trails and some of the best fitness options for groups. Catch up and have fun with friends on a workout.

Exercising doesn't need to be hard or boring – it is what you choose to make it. Just find the time to do it and you will find you feel mentally and physically healthier – what every mum in business wants.

Angela Saville runs Savvy Fitness and has been a personal trainer for over 12 years and is an Australian Institute of Personal Trainers Campus Director. 

Image of Mum courtesy of stockimages / www.freedigitalphotos.com