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Your office is the dining room table and your normal work attire is your PJ’s.  You answer phone calls by sneaking outside where the kids can’t find you and check emails on your smart phone whilst making the dinner.  Sound familiar?  It may be time to revisit the whole “working from home” notion.  If you have started a business from home and you feel it is time to take it to the next level, here are 4 signs that moving into an office may be the right thing for you.



1.   You need to look or sound professional 

Working from home can be chaotic.  Often you have made the choice to start a business so you can still be there for your kids. When you first start out you make things work, but as your business grows and the work volume increases, you need to change gears slightly.  Not all of your customers / clients will appreciate being interrupted by the cries of “mum… mum”.  You may also need a kid free area to receive clients or hold meetings without the fear of them tripping over Thomas the Tank or Peppa Pig.

2.   You need somewhere to store your product 

If your business has taken over the house and you find yourself storing stock in the second shower and sleeping in the spare room as your bedroom is full of boxes (true story!), it is a pretty clear signal that something has to give!  Offsite storage or an office is going to be much more cost effective than upsizing your house!

3.   You need that separation from work and home  

Working from home has its perks, but it also has many distractions. Temptations are everywhere: the show you taped last night begging to be watched, the pile of washing that needs to be folded, the mess at your feet the kids have left or the friend who knocks on your door hoping for a cuppa.    If you are finding yourself being sucked in by the distractions and your allocated work time is not productive…move out!

4.   The growth of your business requires employees that cannot operate virtually  

Often when your business grows an extra pair of hands (or more) is needed, but as you have been operating solo you are the only person who knows the business inside out.  It is much easier to employee someone and have them work alongside you in order to explain things and hand things over.  You may want them to pack orders, have them run errands, conduct brainstorming sessions or simply answer your phone.  However, it may not be appropriate to have them operating from your lounge room recliner!

There are many reasons why working from home is the perfect set-up for mums with young kids.  Sometimes however your business may be starting to take over the house and your home life begins to suffer. Likewise, your household may be starting to interrupt or hold your business back from growth. If these things are becoming a factor, it may be time to spread your wings, pack your bags and move out. 

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