wahm, mumpreneur, mum in businessA Direct Sales Party Plan business is a great way to find financial freedom but picking the right party plan company can make all the difference. There are a few considerations you may wish to take into account before you become an independent representative.

Firstly I would ask yourself WHY? Why are you are looking at Party Plan as an income stream – It may be to spend time with family/children/additional income around family/ love the product and want to buy it discount?? Etc . It is very important to know your WHY as it will be this reason and this reason alone which will see you through the “tough” times and will be inflated during the great times.

Here are what I believe to be the Top 10 Questions to ask:

1. What productmakes you get up in the morning and pick up the phone? How unique is the product? Is there a representative around every corner where you live?

2. What is the costto start? And what is included in that cost? How often do you need to purchase ‘new’ products and are they offered via incentive or discount? How seasonal is the product? What fast start program do they have to increase your samples.

3.What is the average party spend across the company - not just the top sellers?

4. What percentage commissiondo you make from your sales (as a starting consultant)? Here you need to ask if GST is taken out as well as other hidden costs like ordering fees or Who pays for hostess incentives?

5. How often are commissions paid? What are the commission structures for the company? What is the profit margin?

6. What is the company's minimum monthly quota? How often are the sales meetings? What other requirements are there of you?

7.Does your company offer online cataloguesthat can be ordered from? Is there a charge? How does commission work for online orders? Does the company offer your own website space to market and sell through? Is there a charge? Is there internet marketing training provided, is there a fee?

8. What incentives are offered; trips, cars, cash bonuses, conventions etc?

9. How are products delivered -directly or do you have to run around making deliveries with the extra costs involved?

10. What marketing restrictions does the company have?
ie Can you use Social Media to promote your business? Can you do markets and fairs? Can you partake in fundraisers

These are what I feel are quite important questions to ask the person introducing you to the company and if you can’t get answers call the company direct to get all the information you require.

Party plan and direct sales has been my life for over 10 years and once you find the company that you are passionate about (and it may take you 1 or 2 – but please don’t get into the habit of company hopping, doesn’t do you any good) you have the opportunity to earn amazing income all around your lifestyle.

Dhéa Bartlett is an Independent Distributor with SendOutCards, The President of the Melbourne DSWA chapter, and you can Find her on Facebook at Dhéa’s Ideas