Louisa Clare Brand Meets BlogThe most important thing to know about working with bloggers is that it’s all about relationship. If you approach a blogger with that goal in mind you will be off to a great start!

Here are some simple ways to do that.
  • Use their name, make the pitch personal.
  • Read their blog and make sure you are confident that your product will be of interest to the blogger.
  • Think about how to make a WIN for you, a WIN for the blogger and a WIN for their readers.
  • Tell them something about yourself, a bit of your background and why you think they’d be interested or feel a connection with who you are and what you are doing.


Once you’ve established the relationship, you will need to know how a blogger thinks and what they are looking for in working with business.


Firstly, most bloggers are really keen to work with mum business owners. They see you as being like them, trying to make it in a competitive market. They want to connect with other Mums whose products and services have a natural affiliation with their life stage and interests and they are keen to share what they find out about with you with their readers.

This is what you need to know:
  • Bloggers care about content – what’s the story for the blogger?
  • Bloggers care about readers – why will their readers be interested? Is there a giveaway that will drive more engagement about your product? Can you provide a special offer that the blogger can promote?
  • Bloggers know how to do this – they know what their readers will want and most of the time they are looking to do something that’s a “WIN” for everyone. Be open to hearing their thoughts about what would work best and take their advice on board.

Lastly, when in doubt ask. If you have a question about working with bloggers some of these people may be able to help you: