wahm, mumpreneurThey say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but, if you’re like me, an apple is the last thing you feel like eating after being on the go all day, surviving on coffee and whatever else comes to hand (normally chocolate!).

Being busy ‘mumpreneurs’ we are used to multi-tasking; answering the phone while changing a nappy; quickly checking emails while the kids are watching TV and all the while figuring out what to cook for dinner that night, whether the washing that’s been sat in the machine can be hung up smelling damp, and most importantly, making sure the children are fed, nourished, happy, clean, contented and healthy.

But what about us? How many mums out there constantly think “tomorrow, I’ll start eating more fruit, take better care of myself, put myself FIRST.”

Well, I’m happy to tell you it’s not hard to be healthy whilst busy, in fact, with a few little adjustments, it can very quickly become part of your routine, and before you know it, you’ll have more energy, sparkle, and whizz than Harry Potter on a broomstick.

So what are my top tips?

1. Start the day with water. It’s so simple, just drink as much pure water as you can, upon rising, which will hydrate your body and flush out all the toxins that have accumulated while you’ve slept. I’m not going to tell you to give up coffee, because most mum’s I know live on the stuff, but have the water first, then the coffee, you will notice a huge difference after a few days.

2. Have a couple of pieces of fruit with your breakfast. This will ensure a nutrient packed start to your day. Either as whole fruit, or chopped up with some yoghurt and muesli. Or blend some fresh fruit up into a smoothie. A good one I like to do (and the kids love this too) is to blend a mango, with a frozen banana, some apple juice, spirulina powder, flax oil and whatever else I can get in there without the kids seeing.

3. Have a ‘lunch break’ at any time during the day that you can manage. By this I mean take 15-30 mins to have a cuppa, read a magazine or watch Oprah. You need those few minutes during the day where you are not interacting with anyone (this includes emails and texts), and you can switch off and recharge yourself.

4.  Get enough sleep. Hands up if you start your ‘business day’ when the kids are in bed and work into the night. Yep, that’s most of us. Try and set aside two nights a week where you do no work in the evening (yes checking emails does count), and spend some time with your partner, doing a hobby or just chilling out! Make sure you go to bed early on these nights to catch up on lost sleep.

5. Eat some green vegetables every day. This is a lot easier than you think. As well as having the obvious vegetables like broccoli, spinach and rocket with your evening meal, try a spoon of barley grass powder in some juice or a smoothie, it is amazing for boosting energy and nutrients. Green vegetables have lots of minerals in them and are alkalising on the body (to curb the effects of all that coffee!).
Make these five easy steps part of your daily routine and start noticing the difference in how you feel and think. All too often we are so busy we end up neglecting ourselves and our health, but by making small changes we can look after our wellbeing and our families, and have more energy to put into our businesses. white lotus healing

White Lotus Health and Healing is the brain child (or some would say third child) of Nisha Langdon, a Brisbane based mum of two. Nisha has had a long time love affair with natural health and wellbeing and is passionate about helping people heal their bodies naturally. Having lived a diverse life; travelling the globe, getting a law degree, then becoming a primary school teacher, Nisha is finally following her passion for health, sourcing the best natural remedies, foods and bodycare. www.whitelotushealth.com.au