The National Business Brilliance Awards launches Wed, Mar 6 with entries open until Mon, April 8 at 11.59pm. The Awards are all judged, there is no social media voting, so all winners will be determined based on merit.

The judging panel is made up of the amazing Award category sponsor (a Biz woman who has experience within the field and is managing the category) and two wonderful and generous guest judges.

The Business Brilliance Awards is proudly sponsored by Kid Magazine.


Wed, March 6 - Awards Launch

Mon, March 25 at 11.59pm - Entries Close

Mon, April 15 at 8pm - Finalists Announced

Saturday, May 18 - Business Brilliance Awards Night


Prizes for the winners include:

  1. Inspirational Celtic Tree of life Charm
  2. Full-page brand profile about business, success and mum life or a full-page ad in one issue of Kid Magazine over the 2019/20 FY $350
  3. A 12-month digital subscription to Kid Magazine. Includes 4 digital issues $20.00
  4. Business package worth over $2 000 including:
    1. Breakthrough Your Money Drama’s e-Course from Anne-Marie Cross $106.70
    2. Fi Mims Photography Gift Voucher worth $100
    3. Website audit with Julie Allen, Biz Yourself, valued at $120
    4. 2-hour Wholehearted Marketing Strategy Session with Cath Connell, valued at $395
    5. 1-hour Sales coaching session with Frances Pratt, KISS to Sell $350
    6. 12 x 1 hour finance mentoring session, valued at $140
    7. A copy of The barefoot Investor book, from Sarah Hudson valued at $29.95
    8. $50 skincare/makeup gift voucher from Linda Clucas
    9. $500 voucher towards publishing your story from Samantha Jansen, Samantha Jansen Publishing
    10. A copy of How Courageous Fearless & Purpose-Driven Business Women Impact Society book, co-authored by Fay Chan, valued at $27.95
    11. A copy of the Share Your Passion book, written by Renee Haseldine, valued at $30



You can nominate yourself or another Brilliant Biz woman by clicking the appropriate link under each category.

You can apply for as many Awards as you like. For full terms and conditions of entry click here.

The categories open for entry are:

Best Juggler

Sponsored by Sarah Hudson of Peninsula Commercial Cleaning & Brilliant Home Loans 

This category is open to all Business woman who currently own and run a registered business.

It is judged on how effectively you juggle all parts of your life including home, business, health & fitness and more. 

Guest judges: Halina Roach of My Family CFO & Linda Clucas of The Anti Ageing Diva (Arbonne)


Best Life and Business Clarity 

Sponsored by Merrin Munroe of The Small Business Geeks

This Award is open to people who are at any stage of business, who have a great idea of what they want from life and how their business will support that.

Guest judges: Joanne Petrillo of Joanne Petrillo Marketing & Jo Raydan of Gentle Safe Green


Most Influential Brand 

Sponsored by Anne-Marie Cross,

The Most Influential Brand Category is for the business mum who has identified and communicated her inner brilliance and authentic brand message across all aspects of her business.

Successful applicants must answer a series of questions as well as provide evidence of their brand voice/promise and unique message and how they are communicated across their businesses brand touch points to develop a consistent and powerful message.

Guest judges: Renae Howard, delightful chick, designer extraordinaire and founder of GOSH Creative and Katinka Kernutt Visual branding and photography


Best Service-Based Business

Sponsored by Rosie Shilo, Virtually Yours

This award is for service-based businesses that provide on or off-site services to other businesses. This category is for small (up to 10 employees/contractors) businesses which have been running for at least 6 months and have at least 2 ongoing clients or 5 one-off clients.

Entrants must provide at least two referees.

Guest judges: Vanessa Thomas, Business Owner of Synkd Design and Marketing and Renee Hasseldine of Share Your Passion.


Best Innovative Product 

Sponsored by Cath Connell, Wholehearted Marketing

To be considered for Best Innovative product, your product must already be launched and you will need to display how the innovation satisfies an existing need or desire. You will also need to provide evidence for how your offering is different and whether it has distinct, game changing advantages over any alternatives in the market place.

Top 20 entries will be required to post a sample to be judged (if it’s too big to send, alternate arrangements will be made). If you would like it returned, you will need to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Guest judges: Monica Meldrum, Founder and Director of Whole Kids, Australia's award-winning provider of organic snack foods for children & Carolyn Chambers, Founder and Director behind Fourzero; passionate about quality made products for the whole family and will never give up - whether it be IVF for 10 years to have our son or starting my business from scratch learning to sew!



Best Social Media Success Story

Sponsored by Samantha Jansen of Samantha Jansen Publishing

Has social media assisted you in improving your bottom line, regardless of the number of fans, followers or subscribers you have accumulated? If so, this is your opportunity to showcase your "Social Media Success Story".

To be eligible you must be able to demonstrate how social media is being used strategically to achieve your overall business goals and what results in your business you can directly attribute to your presence on social media.

Guest judges: Debbie Zita, Institute of Leadership and Jo Johnson aka The Content Coach.


Delighting Your Customers Award

Sponsored by Fay Chan of Budgeting 123

This category is for small business owners to demonstrate how they deliver fantastic customer service, whether that is online or face-to-face.  Customer delight can be your most cost effective marketing strategy and we want to hear how you are delivering it!

Your business can be a service or product based business.  You may have a creative way to thank customers, or stay in touch with customers or an effective way of ensuring that the customer experience is the best it can be each and every time for new and existing customers ensuring they are your raving fans!  You may also consider how you deal with unhappy customers.

Guest judges: Natalia Walker of Inner Creative and Karen Crombie of Exact Editing.


Best Web Presence

Sponsored by Julie Allen, Biz Yourself

Best Web Presence submitted by business owner (not developer/ designer). The application will be judged on effectiveness – achieving website goal, usability (or being ‘user friendly), design in line with overall branding (and appealing to target market with design elements), being up to date with technology (incorporating online tools & Social Media) and being search engine ‘friendly’ incorporating all the basics. Will also look at how the whole online presence is incorporated overall.

Conditions – you cannot enter if you are a client of one of the judges.

Guest judges: Jerry Penny of Nurture Queen Videos.


Best Image for Business

Sponsored by Fi Mims of Fi Mims Photography

This is not a technical Award! This is more about the image and how it represents you and your business. The image must have been taken by you as the business owner. It can be of you, your products, your workspace, a day in the life and so on.

Guest judges: Holly Cardamone from Blue51 Communications is a Communications Specialist, word nerd and water baby and Sue Harries of Dazzle Image.


Writing Excellence Award

Sponsored by Sarah Garbuio, The Business Butler

The writing excellence category is an opportunity for business owners and writers to demonstrate their writing skills for a specific purpose.  Written pieces must have been published within the last 12 months online or in a printed publication and must be original work.  Entrants must be able to articulate the specific purpose of the piece of writing e.g. SEO and be able to demonstrate how the writing meets this purpose.

Guest judges: Bec Derrington, amazing biz mum and founder of SourceBottle and Emily Webb, Melbourne-based journalist and crime writer who also has a weekly podcast - Australian True Crime with Meshel Laurie on iTunes and Soundcloud.


Best Community-Minded BizWoman

Sponsored by Katrina Hart of Hart Health and Wealth

Best Community-Minded Biz Woman is open to anyone who runs a charity or not-for-profit event OR organisation. If you are entering as you have organised an event, the event must have been run any time after June 30, 2016.

Guest judges: Denise Hall, great chick and founder of The Entrepreneurial Mother


Direct Marketing / Party Plan Excellence Award

Sponsored by Fran Pratt, Kiss to Sell & Arbonne

This category is open to all business mums who run a network (multi-level) marketing business.  The focus of this award is to demonstrate how MLM businesses are making a difference in the lives of mums and the community, how you have developed yourself and your team and how this has changed how you view the world.

Guest judges: Kay Vrieze, Send out Cards referral partner and Bev Brough, LeRêve.


Don't forget to read the Terms and Conditions of entry!