Yep, I’m a cold caller!

Written by Alli Price

I was reading a very interesting conversation on the FB Group ‘I’m a Victorian Business Owner’ recently about cold calling. The long and the short of it was everyone hated it!

Cold calling

I hate it too. The delay when the line connects, the buzz of a telemarketing office, the random attempt at your name and the launching into a spiel before you can get a word in….

But I would argue that there are different types of cold-calling and just because we despise the calls from Indonesia and India doesn’t mean we shouldn’t engage in it. After all, I do it.

What???!!! I hear you exclaim! Yep, I know – it’s for this reason exactly that I didn’t put my hand up in the group discussion – I didn’t want to get slaughtered! But I believe that there are times and places when cold calling is appropriate (or at least I hope so!) and this is when I use it.

So, why and how do I use it?

1. I use it because I have events to promote and I am finding that using Facebook, listing on event sites and listing on my own site simply doesn’t cut through the enormous amount of information on the internet. Without fail, people will let me know after events that they wish they had have known about it and I tell them – well, I scheduled 10 posts on FB – how could they have not seen it?!

2. I could, and do, send emails but the sheer number of emails people have in their inboxes means that it’s very easy to ignore or miss them or they can be steered into junk and the intended recipient never sees it at all.

3. I know that my market is very busy and sometimes a quick phone call is easier than an email as I can let them know what’s happening in a minute and they can decide in a minute if it’s something for them.

4. I only call mums in biz who I follow on Facebook or who’s website I have checked out and I know:

  1. their name,
  2. the Industry they’re in,
  3. the area they live in
  4. if the event is applicable to their field, and;
  5. if their number is on their site.

5. I start with a very quick intro letting them know I am Motivating Mum and I run events for mums in business and ask if they have a minute to chat. They know immediately if they’re interested in events at all and then will either give me the go ahead (98%) or say no (2%).

6. I then let them know about the event and am honest about why I am calling – because it’s hard connecting with mums in biz and getting the word out about events because there’s so much damn competition!

7. I let them know that I am just like them – a mum in biz trying to make a go of their business.

8. I am very friendly, relaxed and thank them profusely for their time.

9. I finish the conversation with an email address (98%) or, if they’re not interested (2%) at least another person that knows about MM.

10. I continue to cold call as it works for me and my business – and because the way I am received by mums is always well and they’re always happy to chat with me. If that ever changes, I would stop.

What about you? What’s an interesting way that you connect with your customers?

Cheers! Alli x

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6 Responses to Yep, I’m a cold caller!

  1. Giselle says:

    Thanks for breaking the whole process down to actionable steps and first of all showing that it doesn’t have be that bad.

  2. Judi Gray says:

    Great article Alli – and good to see a different prospective. I have another successful business friend who calls contacts and speaks to them directly and this works well for her as she also finds her emails aren’t always responded to. I think it’s fine – especially when it’s not a rubbish call like the telemarketers! Great it works for you and I am sure it will work for others also.

  3. Pete says:

    Thanks for the article. I am not a big fan of “Cold Callers” ringing my home or office number and as a result l feel uncomfortable subjecting “others” to my own cold calling. But having read your post l must say l have a desire to give it a go and if l do l will be sure to follow many (if not all) of your tips

    Thanks for the advice, Looks like you just found yourself another regular visitor

    • Alli says:

      I hate cold callers too – that’s exactly why I wrote this article. To try and educate business owners it doesn’t have to be all bad! Good luck with it all x

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  5. Cold calling would be terrifying for me but I can totally see how it can work. And I love your image – for sure, cold calling is not all annoying random call centre calls from o/s! But because I work in social media then I tend to stick to social media as a way to get in touch with people and find new clients – a zone I’m much more comfortable in. But you’ve given me excellent food for thought.

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