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mumpreneur mentoringSimone has donated 3 PartnerFAST Memberships valued at $495  to the Mummy Mentoring Festival – supporting Share the Dignity. Click the link to read all about Mummy Mentoring Festival and Share the Dignity.

About the business

Partner2GROW’s message is simple, we do better together! Why find 1,000 new customers one at a time, when you could find ONE strategic partner with the 1,000 customers you want!

PartnerFAST provides a proven, easy to follow and quick to implement framework for establishing simple marketing partnerships to deliver quick and compelling results, using assets and connections you most likely already have. You can view more on ParterFAST here.

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About Simone

Simone Novello is an ex-corporate entrepreneur who has successfully used strategic and marketing partnerships to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in increased sales and marketing exposure for her clients and own businesses.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce, Simone has worked and aligned with a myriad of leading brands like American Express, Commonwealth Bank, Virgin Australia, Darrell Lea Chocolates, and smaller businesses at the time like Roses Only.

She is particularly passionate about connecting talented, up and coming businesses with the big guys for incredible growth. Simone made the ‘tree change’ to the beautiful Blue Mountains with her two boys for better health and lifestyle. She only manages to have the business and lifestyle she has because she partners up with the right people.

To win a PartnerFAST membership, you must purchase a $4 ticket at this link. One $4 ticket is worth one entry. To enter twice, purchase two tickets and so on. The winner/s of the mentoring session will be drawn on Mon, Oct 2.

You can donate as many times as you like to one mentor to increase your chances of winning. You can also donate to as many different mentors as you like. All funds raised go to Share the Dignity.

Winners will be announced on the MM FB page and also emailed directly.

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