Quick and easy food fixes for your family

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Every busy parent will know how hard it can be to stop your kids from indulging in snacks and junk food. What with our working lives and all of the endless tasks, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to cook up a healthy home banquet when they return from school.

But rather than giving into the unhealthy habits of ready meals that are often packed with salt, sugar and other nasty ingredients, there are a few healthier options out there.

So from simple home-made meals to quick fixes from Australia’s healthy food outlets, here’s how you can stop the kids from feeding on endless junk food!

Keep it veggie


Vegetarian meals are not only healthier than meat alternatives, but they can often be cheaper and quicker to prepare too – especially if you get the kids involved!

Whether it’s a simple salad thrown together with locally-grown organic ingredients, or even this this ultra-quick burrito bowl, taking the veggie option doesn’t have to be boring. And it’ll play the important part of educating the kids that they don’t necessarily have to eat meat at every meal.

Healthy fast food


It can sound like an oxymoron, but just because food is fast, doesn’t mean that it has to be unhealthy. Whether it’s making some homemade sweet potato fries rather than oven chips, or even using a spiraliser to make a speedy zuchetti pesto meal rather than relying on gluten-heavy pasta, it all shows how there are many creative ways to get around those tempting junk food staples.

And a quick look at the Brisbane restaurants covered by the food delivery company, Deliveroo, shows how healthy fast food like Vietnamese freshy rolls and veggie burgers are giving us a good alternative to ordering in yet another takeaway pizza.

Snacking healthily


We’re all guilty of indulging in some afternoon snacks every now and then. But rather than combating spiralling blood sugar levels with chocolate bars and crisps, think about getting the kids to help prepare some healthy snacks for the next time they feel hungry.

Whilst it’s unlikely that healthy snacks like rice cakes and mini muffins will edge out sugary treats for good, it’ll all help in boosting energy levels. And with delivery companies like Deliveroo on hand to help when things get too busy to even think about going in the kitchen, it shows how there’s plenty of ways to keep junk food at bay!

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  1. Andrew says:

    Zuchetti pesto meal is yummy :)

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