How Can Busy Working Mums Keep Their Home Offices Perfect

How Can Busy Working Mums Keep Their Home Offices PerfectBeing a mum is a huge (but sweet) fulltime job on its own, and if you have to incorporate your actual job into the picture, sometimes things can get out of hand. Your home office might get a bit neglected when it comes to cleanliness and organisation if you don’t have enough time to put it on your cleaning schedule. However, if you employ some of these organisational and decorating techniques, your office will always be spotless and ready for your next big business adventure.

Declutter and declutter some more

It’s scientifically proven that clutter has a negative effect on our productivity and focus. Additionally, it’s a huge waste of time when you have to dig through piles of garbage in search of the thing you need. So, don’t let the clutter get the best of you, but keep your documents, office supplies and electronics at a minimum. Toss everything that’s outdated, broken or unnecessary and keep only the things you truly need.

How Can Busy Working Mums Keep Their Home Offices PerfectClean out your computer

Your desk isn’t the only thing that needs decluttering. If you keep piling up documents on your computer, it will eventually become so cluttered and slow that you’ll barely manage to find what you’re looking for. Instead, make a habit of conducting weekly or monthly deletions and come up with a good filing system. Also, make sure to always have all your important files backed up online or on any type of external storage unit.

How Can Busy Working Mums Keep Their Home Offices PerfectMaximise on storage

If you don’t want to invest in a professional filing cabinet, that’s fine. You can easily store all your docs, folders and office supplies in cheap, yet stylish containers and baskets. They will help you with decluttering and you’ll always know exactly where to look for things. Not enough floor space? By utilising your vertical space with practical shelves, you’ll gain additional storage space that will not take away any of the square footage.

How Can Busy Working Mums Keep Their Home Offices PerfectLabel it

A good label maker can literally save your life, especially if you’re not the best organiser in the world. If you often tend to forget where you’ve placed certain files or items, labels will come in super handy. Put them on your containers, drawers, baskets and binders and you’ll always have everything under control.

How Can Busy Working Mums Keep Their Home Offices PerfectOrganise your electronics

Bulky printers and copy machines never look attractive. However, if you have wireless technology, you don’t have to keep them in the open to disturb your office design. Instead, put them in a closed cabinet. This way, they will be at your disposal, but away from your precious desk space. Also, take care of your ugly and hazardous cables. The best way to hide and organise your cables is to stack them against the wall and use cable ties, clamps or tubes. Keep them away from the open area, because they not only look ugly but are a great tripping risk and you don’t want your kids to get a hold of them.

How Can Busy Working Mums Keep Their Home Offices PerfectIntroduce a couch to your space

If you enjoy working from home because of the relaxed atmosphere it provides, you’ll love a comfy couch in your office. Comfy couches can make any space look more stylish and cosy, but they are also quite useful office elements. If you’re seeing clients, they will have a soft spot to relax in and if you need a place to stretch your back, you don’t need to leave your office. Also, if your little ones insist on spending time in mummy’s office, they will have a cosy place for naps and lounging.

How Can Busy Working Mums Keep Their Home Offices PerfectBe moderate with decoration

Even though the whole point of having a home office is to achieve a more personal work experience, going overboard with the decoration, especially family photos and mementoes, is never a good idea. However, having one framed photo of your family can be a great motivator and will always give you strength to push forward. Also, inspirational art and a few intricate decorative elements will show your creative side and make your office more attractive both to you and your clients. As you can see, your home office can easily become a place of great inspiration and business success. The key is in staying organised, tidy and making your office attractive and cosy and awesome business ideas will simply flow. Good luck Super Mum!


How Can Busy Working Mums Keep Their Home Offices Perfect


Catherine Collins, Smoothdecorator


Catherine is a passionate home design consultant and a regular contributor to the Smoothdecorator blog who loves making homes beautiful and thus, lives easier.

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