Getting ready for holiday season online

Guest blog written by Meirav Dulberg, Webby Web Designs

As we are approaching the holiday season it is important to show your online presence is up to date and incorporates the season.

It is best to select a theme / image for each year that works well with your brands that you will use on all platforms consistently for this season.

web and seoIdeas for holiday theme:

Stock photos relating to Christmas, new-year.

Add an element to your brand (like a Santa Hat) or you can also change your logo / brand colours temporary for the season (note – this will not work for all brands so consult with your graphic designer).

Use relevant / specific products for Christmas (for example, if you bake it can be Christmas cookies)

The Theme can be applied in 5 ways:

1. Your website – a quick update to your website can help drive sales and get your business into the spirit.

a. Banners – if you have a moving banner, create one for Xmas showcasing a product / service relating to Xmas or just wishing your clients happy holidays

b. Product category: create a Christmas gift category and upload products or put together a package for Christmas. Make it visible from home page

c. Special offers for Christmas – put together a special for end of year.

d. Update trading hour for Xmas

2. Social media

a. Replace all banners

b. Promote specials

c. Run Xmas competitions

d. Post on trading hours

3. Email signature – update your signature with the icon / image and add your Christmas trading hours in advance so your clients know what to expect in advance.

4. End of year showcase – create a video or a slide show to showcase your achievements this year. Post it on your YouTube channel and send to your clients. Don’t forget to thank them for their support.


Products: pictures from markets you attended, new shops that stock your products, products you created this year.

For service – showcase testimonials from the year.

Creative service – showcase logos you designed.

5. E-marketing campaign: send two emails to all our clients:

a. By end of November – thanking them for their support and summarising a successful year and what to expect next year. If you sell a product you can use this opportunity to promote your Christmas specials. Mention when you are closed so your clients are prepared.

b. A week before Christmas, send a seasons gearing card and include your holiday hours.

I recently helped Decadent Desserts by:

1. Creating theme for this year (the Xmas banner with stars) which will be used on social as well.
2. Creating a Christmas banner
3. Creating a Christmas range

web and seoMeirav Dulberg from Webby Web Design is a web designer with a Bachelor of Business and more than 15 years’ experience in strategic planning, web design, market research and business analysis.

From strategy to design, content to e-commerce, Webby has you covered.


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