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Debra Templar mentorDebra has donated 5 half-hour mentoring sessions to Mummy Mentoring Festival – supporting Share the Dignity. Click the link to read all about Mummy Mentoring Festival and Share the Dignity.

About the business

For the past 15 years Debra has been working alongside small business owners teaching them about customers – how to find them, get them and keep them – and all that entails. Debra knows that businesses thrive or die depending on their offer to customers.

Debra has literally taught thousands of business owners and their staff how to deliver exceptional experiences and profits. And Debra strives to achieve this through magazine articles, blogposts, seminars, customised consulting and training sessions, webinars, books and partnerships with other like-minded businesses and organisations.

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About Debra

After leaving Tasmania Debra headed to Melbourne. Debra had a stint of working on Ministerial Staff for a Federal politician in Canberra, Debra worked for the owner of Jetset Tours for 4 years – travelling the world and having a fine time before leaving to get involved in a direct sales organisation which took Debra to the USA and then back to the Gold Coast. They taught Debra how to sell and sell well.

Being a cold weather lover Debra soon returned to Melbourne where she started working with the Retail Traders Association, later to become the Australian Retailers Association. Debra took the training division from a “black hole” to a multi million $ enterprise. Debra spent 10 years working with retailers of all sizes and types before heading out on her own.

Debra is currently working alongside traders in Bentleigh, McKinnon and Ormond during the level rail crossing removals.  They’re in a time of crisis and Debra is doing everything possible to keep them alive, profitable and in business while the rail works continue to drastically disrupt the shopping strips.  Debra regularly appear as a retail expert on A Current Affair.

Debra can mentor on

  1. All things retail
  2. Speaking in Public
  3. Local Marketing
  4. Salesmanship that works
  5. Exhibiting at Trade Shows

To win a mentoring session with Debra you must purchase a $4 ticket at this link. One $4 ticket is worth one entry. To enter twice, purchase two tickets and so on. The winner/s of the mentoring session will be drawn on Mon, Sep 25 at 10pm.

You can donate as many times as you like to one mentor to increase your chances of winning. You can also donate to as many different mentors as you like. All funds raised go to Share the Dignity.

Winners will be announced on the MM FB page and also emailed directly.

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