Bringing joy and energy back into your work day

Bringing joy and energy back into your work dayIf you’re feeling tired and in a bit of a rut when it comes to your day-to-day work practices, it could be time to freshen up your routine! Small tweaks to your daily work habits can bring in a new sense of joy and energy. Give these ideas a go to bring more fun and enjoyment into your workday.

1. Tidy up your space

Have you heard of the KonMarie method? Marie Kondo’s premise behind keeping things neat and tidy is to spark joy. While it is certainly a worthwhile method to explore, instead of recommending you go off and spend weeks getting your house and business in perfect order, my suggestion is to dedicate five minutes a day tidying up your workspace.

Leaving your desk in good order at the end of the day is a good feeling. Coming back to your workspace the next morning with your documents in order and ready to go will help you get stuck into your work faster. Help yourself by taking just five minutes at the end of the day to get sorted. It is a satisfying feeling!

2. Make laughter happen every day

I don’t know about you, but occasionally I will notice I’ve gone a few days without any laughter. Then, in that moment when I do have a good laugh, I think how weird it was to go without it.

Laughter is good for your health; it gets the endorphins going, relaxes your body and can lower your stress hormones. Instead of waiting for laughter to just happen, why not make a good laugh a must-do each day?

Consider allowing yourself to indulge in ten minutes session each day, such as a 3pm YouTube session to give you a quick break and give you the energy you need to finish the workday well.

Need some suggestions? Old clips of Kath & Kim or Lano & Woodley, or some stand up from Judith Lucy, Chris Rock, Key & Peele or Wil Anderson could do the trick!

3. Don’t be afraid to take a break and get social

Whether it’s having a chat with a colleague, calling a friend, texting your partner or just taking a short break to connect with loved ones via social media, taking some time out to feel connected with others can increase your feelings of happiness and sense of belonging.

Better yet, taking a moment to call a good friend or Facetime with a loved one can provide a sense of support and encouragement, and help you feel less anxious or lonely (which could be an issue when running a business solo). Even if it’s just a few short minutes, you will reap the rewards from keeping those important relationships a priority.

4. Schedule in creative time each week

Employees who feel inspired at work are more productive than their counterparts. Introducing a block of time each week to get inspired and re-energised could change the way you work for the better and get you powering through your work with more efficiency.

Consider blocking an hour or two each week to let your mind wander and to stir your curiosity. It could be as simple as heading to a new place to work, dream or have some fun for a Monday morning (or Friday afternoon!).

How about finding a local park to visit or visiting that café you have been meaning to check out, with your laptop in tow, for a change of scenery?

Better yet, leave the laptop at home and just take along a pen and paper. Give yourself an hour or so to let your mind reflect on the year so far, have a think about what’s working, what’s not, and what your business goals are for the rest of the year and the year ahead. You would be amazed at the ideas that can come from spending such a short time away from your regular workspace and allowing your mind to imagine new possibilities for you and your business.


Bringing joy and energy back into your work day


Kate Mackay, Invigorate Wellness

Kate Mackay is a food and wellbeing coach who loves seeing women thrive in their work and life through balancing priorities, building in simple healthy eating habits and getting creative with exercise.

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