5 ways to spruce up your home office

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Whether you’re taking over the world with your own start-up, or making the most of the trend towards increasingly flexible work arrangements, the home office is your space to get things done. Be it a private oasis, or background for your very busy-and-important live to air interviews with the BBC, bring your dream workspace to life with these six home office hacks and you’ll be counting the sleeps until Monday morning.

1.    50 shades of… paint

Make a statement and paint a wall in a different colour. Besides the effect that new paint has in refreshing a room, picking a new colour is your chance to set the tone for your office overhaul. Peaceful pastels or shades of grey can lighten and brighten a room significantly. Get pinning and work up a vision of your ideal home office. How does it look? Whether you’re dreaming of a simple and stylish Scandi sanctuary; or looking to make a luxe, monochromatic statement, a lick of new paint will go a long way towards setting the scene.

2.    Wall stickers: the office makeover in a packet

No time to get painty, but looking to instantly transform the feel of your home office? Wall stickers are your go-to choice for creating maximum personalisation with minimum fuss. Rock some monochrome dots or stars for graphic impact, especially on neutral walls. Space them out at regular intervals for some soothing pattern play, or mix it up with random placement for a quirky, creative vibe. Prefer some whimsy? Think outside the box and scope out kids’ wall decal lines – there are some surprisingly sophisticated ranges and graphics available. Look skyward for inspo like clouds, hot air balloons or raindrops. Look for clean, minimalist designs in neutral colours like greys or pastels to style this look.

Miramii Wall Stickers 3.    Get back to nature with office plants

Liven your home office up by bringing in plants. Lush greenery adds life and colour to your space. No, not those miserable excuses for office plants from days of old – pick something gorgeous and glossy. Some on-trend picks are a gorgeous monstera or fiddle leaf fig.

Bold Tuesday World Map

Or consider putting your plants to work and call in some recs from NASA…. yep, NASA. Back in the 80s, NASA studied the effectiveness of various indoor plants in removing common toxins from the air. Take a leaf out of NASA’s textbook and make the most of the health benefits of plants. For some serious nerd-cred, you could review the NASA study here… or if 30 pages of heavily referenced, super-sciencey plant chat is not on your to-do list today, lovethegarden.com have published an absolute gem of an infographic that breaks down the findings of the study. View here to find your perfect air cleaning plant.

4.    Wall and art prints

Nothing quite illustrates your personal style like the art that you hang on the walls of your home. And it’s the same for your office – look for something that inspires you in your work and your life. Maybe it’s a world map showing your travels to date, or even better, travels that are soon to be had. Let’s face it – we still hunger for holidays, even in perfectly spruced home offices. Maybe it’s beautifully lettered inspirational quotes, or some beautiful black and white family photos. Let your office walls become your own little gallery of what inspires and delights you. Change your pieces occasionally to match your aspirations and passions and become the curator of your own exhibition of happiness.

Bold Tuesday wall prints

5. Decorate with a few well-chosen accent pieces

With the bones of your now absurdly attractive home office in place, you can pat yourself on the back for a design job well done and pause to consider the finishing touches. What will really make the space yours? Celebrate your office overhaul with a celebratory spot of online shopping (hooray!) to track down a few little pieces that you truly adore, or carefully place a few existing sentimental objects. Bring joy to your space by selecting a few objects that speak to you. Whether it’s tiny potted succulents or cacti, some beautiful ceramics, or sentimental framed photos, these are the finishing touches to make your new office feel like home (but even better).

Spruce up office


Elina Peedoson is a founder and manager of Nordlife – an Australian online boutique selling Scandinavian designers’ kids products – everything from clothes and dinnerware to bedding and nursery decor – and homewares.

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2 Responses to 5 ways to spruce up your home office

  1. Isabel Jones says:

    Very creative and informative, indeed! When it comes to choosing the right colour for painting, there is a lot of things to consider, besides personal preferences. Like office location and the atmosphere that needs to be created.

    For people who don’t have time or skills to look after plants, but still like them in the office (like me), I think succulents are a perfect match. They don’t need that much care and don’t take up a lot of space.

  2. I think wall stickers will make my home office look more beautiful and cool. Thank you for these tips. :) Very helpful and informative blog post.

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