5 Ways To Improve Your Work Environment

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Your work environment is key to the happiness and productivity of your staff. It’s also a focal point a potential client, investor or guest will see, which affects their first impression of you and your business.

Whether you’re an employer or employee, here are 5 ways you can improve your work environment.

1. A Clean Environment Is A Happy Environment

There is nothing more demoralising in a business than a dirty kitchen or messy workspace, especially if your employees are newly hired or working full time. Commercial cleaners are a must for bigger office spaces or locations that have important guests regularly. That dirty space might just be the impression that scares a client or investor away. You can find a reliable cleaning service anywhere through a company such as AMC Commercial Cleaning.

2. Utilise The Space

Speaking of workspaces, it’s important you utilise your own. The rise and fall of businesses has seen different trends from open-plan to walled-in cubicles, windows placed specifically to catch the afternoon sun and buildings that go deep underground to fit in as many workers as possible. You need to understand what your employees value. Is it privacy or space? Do they need a splash of colour or some leafy plants? Depending on how large your staff is, you need to create the perfect space for them.

3. Go Green

With the right help, you’ve cleaned up your office and taken advantage of the space. But what’s the point if you’re still wasting resources? You might want to overhaul your carbon footprint, or you may simply want to put posters up asking people if what they’re about to print could be sent in an email instead (it’s the little things that go a long way). Green initiatives are associated with warmer, friendlier office environments and they help out the global environment too.


4. Understand Employees As Individuals

You’ve provided your staff with a clean, bright workspace but do you actually know them? It’s important to connect with your staff. Provide recognition to employees who are doing well, and ask how it’s going to employees that seem to be struggling. Being approachable and trustworthy is just as important for a leader as being decisive and authoritative.

5. Build A Work Culture

This isn’t referring to the cultures in your yoghurt; it’s about creating a culture in the business. Take a moment to write down the common goals amongst yourself and your workforce. These goals could be anything from how you want the office to look and feel in the future to what kind of clients you want to target moving forward. One way to help these goals along is by developing a work culture that encourages friendships, loyalty and a feeling that your employees are excited to come into the office every day. This can be achieved through wholesome social gatherings in the office or off site, as well as having guest speakers come to talk about something other than work, such as health and fitness goals for example.

What would you like to see happen in your workplace? Share the best office environment improvement tips you’ve experienced in the comments below!

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