4 Ways To Keep Germs Out Of The Office

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Offices, like all shared spaces, can be breeding grounds for germs that can cause illness if
not properly managed. Staff battling illness aren’t going to be as efficient or on-the-ball as those in good health, so it’s vitally important that businesses take the necessary steps to ensure the health of their employees. Here are just a few ways to keep germs out of the office.

1. Cleaning Services

One really reliable way to battle germs in the office is to hire a professional, commercial cleaning company to come in daily, after hours, and give the whole place a thorough going-over. Look for companies like AMC Commercial Cleaning that will go the extra mile, without breaking the budget, to ensure your staff can come to work in a safe, allergen- and germ-free office.

2. Promote hygiene

Of course, making sure you get a reliable cleaner is only half the battle. Your staff should also be asked to observe good hygiene habits in the office. Keep hand sanitiser handy, provide wipes to keep keyboards and mice – noted collectors of germs and debris – free of grime.

Shared spaces like the kitchen and bathrooms should be kept in good order throughout the day with plenty of extra hand soap and toilet rolls in the unlikely event that your cleaning company does not provide them.

3. Enforce sick days

Staff shouldn’t be at work if they’re sick. That’s just a fact. For one thing, if they’re not feeling their best then they aren’t going to be at their best performance-wise. For another, they’re putting their co-workers at risk of illness just by being there.

If your staff are indispensable and their not being at work, even when ill, may be detrimental to the business, then consider finding ways to help them to work at home until they fully recover. Ideally though, there should be processes in place so that the successful operation of a business is not dependent on one employee.


4. Know what you’re dealing with

Do your research on the sort of illnesses that are most common in office environments and how to prevent them. This will allow you to take the necessary steps to shut down any especially nasty viruses before they get a chance to take hold. All it takes is for one airborne illness to get into the air-conditioning and suddenly everyone’s got it. Prevention, as they say, is better than cure and it’s up to you to put those preventative measures in place to ensure the safety and well-being of your staff.

These are just a handful of ways you can help keep germs well and truly out of your office environment. All that’s really required is the ability to form habits of healthy behaviour; making sure hands are washed after using the bathroom, keeping workstations clear and tissues handy.

What are your favourite methods of keeping the office clean and hygienic for everyone who has to work there? What has and hasn’t worked in the past? Share your thoughts and answers in the comments section below.

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