IMG 3398-350x348Hi, I'm Alli and I'm the founder of Motivating Mum, a business helping mums achieve their business dreams as happily as possible.

I first started working with mums as a coach, launching my business in 2006, at the same time as giving birth to my first daughter, Amelie.  Stuck at home for a lot of the time either feeding and changing nappies or working on the computer I quickly realised how isolating it was to work from home and decided to host a networking lunch on the hunch there were other mums like me.  There were - 40 or so of them - and the Businessmums' Networking Lunch was born!  

Four years later, I gave birth to Freya and, being a sole trader with no funds for staff, was back brainstorming ideas for the business the next day in Hospital.  Breast feeding whilst running workshops and networking followed a few weeks later!  

Not content with simply running a business and raising two kids we relocated back to my home town of Melbourne later that year and nearly sent myself grey in the process.  It was worth the trip and the box of hair dye though as was ecstatic to be back. 

The only drawback? Starting a business from scratch all over again - although at least this time I had a fairly good idea of what needed to be done! Biz Mums Clubs around Oz followed, then my National Brilliant Biz Mum Awards & Conference and my huge annual charity event, Mummy Mentoring Festival - supported by wonderful and succesful biz owners like Carolyn Creswell of Carmans and Bec Derrington of Source Bottle.

So where to from here? More Clubs, helping more mums and fulfilling my business dreams by helping others.

Cheers! Alli x